‘Be Here’ is the relieving indie-rock triumph from newcomer Daphzie

There are so many awesome things to talk about when it comes to Daphzie‘s debut single ‘Be Here’ that we’re not quite sure where to start, so let’s begin with the music itself – after all, that’s what we’re all here to do!

‘Be Here’ is an angst-relieving track firmly rooted in indie-rock, but with melodies drawn from the world of pop, very much like UK music stars Beabadoobee or Pale Waves. From the very start, Daphzie draws the listener in with her self-destructive lyric, “pour a ring of gasoline round my house and burn it the fuck down!” It’s very much in the spirit of wanting the ground to swallow you whole as your emotions and current situation seem bigger than you, but one way to deal with those is always through music. We can really hear that process going on through the slamming drums and forceful guitar lines, as well as the artist’s powerhouse vocals whose rock-pop style rises and falls with the heady instrumentation.

You may also notice how easily this anthem of a track flows, which comes straight from Daphzie‘s creativity, as she explains: “Every time I listen to ‘Be Here’, the same images float around my head. This song came to me so easily and tells the story of such an important time in my life that helped shape who I am today. Writing this song was relieving because it assisted me in closing a painful chapter.”

Possibly, the reason that the Newcastle talent could so readily express herself is because the entire song was written and recorded in the safety of her bedroom. That’s a pretty stunning feat considering to high quality to which this track is finished in part thanks to mixer Gareth Hudson (Hazy Cosmic Jive Studio) and fellow bedroom producer and band member Healey Olsen. In fact, it’s not only ‘Be Here’ that Daphzie commandeered in her bedroom studio, it’s her entire upcoming EP, IDG2LA&TATWSH.

“I have recorded and self-produced this song and my EP that is still to come. I wanted to give it a go and see what I could achieve, and I have absolutely loved the process and couldn’t be prouder of what I have created. Gareth is such an incredible mentor and encouraged me to begin producing my own music and is always a text message or phone call away to answer my millions of questions or listen to my 47,000 different mixes. I’ve been lucky to have so many friends in my corner to help and support me during this creative process.”

Before we get ahead of ourselves getting excited about that future EP, let’s take a moment to appreciate ‘Be Here’, completed with a music video filmed in Newcastle and directed by Elliot Leonard.

You can also listen to ‘Be Here’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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