‘Dust’ is the regretful, alt-rock ballad from ANVR

There’s a hymnal quality to ANVR‘s new alternative rock track ‘Dust’, which evokes the finality of everything – “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” – as they say. This association has been brought forward by those impeccable baritone vocal harmonies, which writhe alongside the brooding guitar melody and textured percussion.

As you’ll find, there’s a reluctance to understanding that even good things must end, at least in the emotive opening. However, once that first chorus kicks into gear, a wave of acceptance surges forth. “But I feel it now, all of the waves come crashing down,” sings one half of ANVR, Andreas Potgieter, with a crushing sense of awareness. Accentuating this inevitable chorus is a thumping drum performance courtesy of the other half of the band, Simon Orrey, which hammers the message home with every determined beat. In further contrast to the alternating tempo of the drums, we have that ever-reliable guitar refrain, that consistently weaves throughout the track and, in our opinion, represents the unshakeable movement of time.

While a listener could interpret the fatalist ‘Dust’ however they wish, there is one line that gives away the inspiration behind those regretful words, “she’s beautiful, beauty can’t hold in a heartbeat, but heartbeats grow cold.” The existence of ANVR‘s ‘Dust’ proves that once again love and the loss of it can bring anyone to their knees.

You can also find ‘Dust’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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