‘Wall Of Sound’ is the vibrant, chaotic & engaging single by From The Tiger’s Mouth

The fact we’re still receiving songs that originated in the depth of the covid-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that the global crisis is only just behind us, and in many ways, it’s still on our tail. However, one positive has to be the outburst of creativity, especially by those people who has previously not had the time, energy or resources to explore that side of themselves. For British songwriter Harry Sullivan, that’s exactly what happened after several months in isolation when he picked up his guitar and found that words and chords flowed freely. Thus, his musical project, From The Tiger’s Mouth was born.

Following on from the debut single ‘Morning News’, this emerging musician shares the innovative sophomore track ‘Wall Of Sound’. Immediately, you’ll be struck by the formidable indie-rock style with folk undertones and pop hooks, connecting the final result to where it all began – Sullivan and his guitar. Throughout the song, the listener will be taken on a journey from the murky beginnings and self-directed lines, such as “I’m still having a good time”, towards to anthemic choruses and back around the subdued verses. The pounding drums replicate that familiar and unwelcome headache that arrives with your typical hangover. Yep, surprisingly ‘Wall Of Sound’ depicts the morning after a typical lockdown evening binge-watching TV, on a Zoom call with friends and family and drinking to excess in an attempt to replicate the times before the pandemic.

Expanding on the story behind this energetic track, let’s her it From The Tiger’s Mouth directly:

“Wall Of Sound is the story of a hangover in real time. I wrote this during lockdown after one of the many nights sat binge-watching telly, having zoom calls with family and friends whilst drinking far too much. It’s an ode to the joys of going out with your friends and having that “one last drink” too many that I both desperately missed and loathed during lockdown. But it’s not just about the silly nights. It’s about the morning after when the realisation hits you that you were far too drunk and you start to have a mild-panic attack about how you got home and who you said what to. You check your phone and hope for the best.”

It would have been all too easy for Sullivan to write ‘Wall Of Sound’ as a gloomy and self-pitying sort of track, but instead he’s created something vibrant and engaging akin to acts like We Were Promised Jetpacks or even Sam Fender that places the listener right in the middle of that chaotic mindset.

You can also listen to ‘Wall Of Sound’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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