Multi-locational DIY collective hd hausmann drop ‘home’ from forthcoming album

hd hausmann is a collective of musicians who record in remote locations, but are brought together by Liam Palmer in his London studio, The Crow’s Nest, with the assistance of Manchester-based producer Chris Dyke. When describing the meaning behind their newest single ‘home’, Palmer paints it as “about building something in the here and now for future generations to be proud of.” This concept of legacy is an interesting one, especially when connected to the project’s name – hd hausmann – which refers to the famous Parisian street, Boulevard Haussmann, where none other than writer Marcel Proust lived and where he wrote the novel, In Search Of Lost Time. No one can deny the lasting mark that Proust has left on literature, but even the most celebrated of talents require stability. Thus, ‘home’ comes to the fore as a significant place in all our lives.

In order to ratify the idea of ‘home’, this multi-locational collective have put together a garage rock epic which journeys across a fuzzed-out landscape for four minutes and thirty-three seconds. So, let’s get further into it! The frenetic opening introduces listeners to the carefully placed percussion of Olly Betts and Palmer‘s own enthusiastic guitar playing, as well as Alex Fynn O’Neill‘s grungey bass recorded from her dining room table in Dalston, North London. Floating above the broken guitars and glitching synths of this vivant DIY-rock track, you’ll hear the soothing vocals of Grimsby’s Elle Wade. With so much going on in this track Wade’s voice is an anchor point on which to hold onto while the guitars and drums ricochet around the metaphorical garage of hd hausmann.

‘home’ is the second single release from the forthcoming album, Repetition Themes, available via Able Leisure on cassette tape later this year.

For now, you can listen to ‘home’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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