‘GOOD’ is Onbar’s smooth groover for building up your confidence

Giving ourselves challenges in life is such an essential, positive experience and yet we shy away from them all too often. Whether that’s walking across a bar to strike up a conversation with your crush or stepping into the studio with a blank slate; these scenarios can be intimidating, but taking that step forward could lead you to the best results possible. One artist who has taken this to heart is San Jose, California-based artist Onbar, who created new single ‘GOOD’ in just two days in his producer and co-writer Patrick Hizon‘s garage, with the additional help of co-writer Orion-Song.

Before we get into the song, here’s a little bit of reflection on this unconventional songwriting process from Onbar:

“This track is a testament to collaboration and having fun. It was my first time creating a song on the spot and I learned so much about what it takes to make a record: being open to the music and enjoying every step it takes to fleshing it out.”

From this collaboration, the resulting track ‘GOOD’ is a slinky, alternative-soul and funk number which is sure to imbue any listener with the confidence they need. It’s such a solid track from the composition to production. We start out with a muffled snippet, which is reminiscent of waiting outside of a club or bar’s doors before opening them up to a triumphant flood of sound. It’s clear that Onbar doesn’t take himself too seriously either as evident from the first lyric, “hey, had a couple drinks tonight, I’m hella faded…”, which precedes a series of bold pick-up lines. The song’s central promise “I’ll make you feel good” is carried on through on a weaving bed of elastic guitars, hand-claps, grooving bass line and laidback drums. It’s all about putting the listener in a positive and chilled-out state of mind, with a smile here and there from Onbar‘s witty lyrics.

As a sign off before we leave you to dig into the track yourself, here’s the songwriter and musician with a final few words on what he hopes you’ll take away from ‘GOOD’:

“The inspiration for this song was to make something that made me feel good and in hopes to make the listener feel it too.”

You can also listen to ‘GOOD’ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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