Ottawa’s Soft Top Intrepid deliver the hazy & nostalgic ‘Mirage’

Providing us with the recommended weekly dose of hazy lofi goodness is the Canadian duo Soft Top Intrepid with their new single ‘Mirage’, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. This woozy little number follows on from the Rob LaPlante and Chris Galambos‘ last two track releases ‘Some Some’ and ‘Lemon Lung’, which have helped the pair already carve out their own little slice of shoegazey paradise.

‘Mirage’ keeps true to its name, offering a jovial soundscape brimming with nostalgia which emanates from the elastic guitar melodies and upbeat percussion. However, just like that fleeting image of an oasis in a desert, the listener needs to be careful about being swept up in the fizzy guitar-pop ride. The lo-fi vocals convey that inner battle between thoughts and memory, knowing that neither is truly reliable. While upbeat for certain, one can’t help but notice how the sound isn’t quite cohesive and so the fickle nature of the human mind is brought further to life.

We’ll let LaPlante take the explanation of ‘Mirage’ from here, as he says:

“The bassline was essentially our starting point for this track, informing everything else along the way. As for the lyrics, they just kind of wrote themselves. I had been dealing with getting mixed up in distant memories – is it real or is it just a thought I had at some point? It’s an interesting dilemma to find yourself in.” 

Only if every internal dilemma sounded so jaunty and captivating… well, actually there’s an idea! You can always make ‘Mirage’ your personal soundtrack for such times, we surely will.

You can also listen to ‘Mirage’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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