‘Can’t Forgive Me’ is the powerful indie-pop ballad from songwriter & producer ICEBERG

The New York based artist ICEBERG has had quite the journey in the run up to the release of her newest single ‘Can’t Forgive Me’. As you’ll hear, there’s a certain sophistication and maturity that can only be earned through years of diligent work and quite simply putting yourself out there. While the musician has played piano since 8-years-old, it was under her own initiative as a 20-year-old to teach herself guitar and since then she’s also been working as a producer in London for the past four years. If that wasn’t enough, she’s a gifted live performer, having toured the US and Europe playing thousands of live shows.

However, with all good things, they come to an end and bring forth an opportunity for change. More recently, ICEBERG left the UK and sequestered herself away in a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York to explore feelings of loss and need for connection through her precise songwriting. This year, we’ve already had the bracing single ‘Swim’ and now it’s time for the aforementioned sophomore beauty ‘Can’t Forgive Me’.

This intimate track with the warm, analog textures take the idea of forgiveness and turns it inwards. ICEBERG channels the idea of letting go of a past love and the impossibility of doing so when all those bitter, regretful emotions connected to her memories are still in full focus. As the central lyric relays, “you still live in my head”, which is sung out without reservation by ICEBERG‘s heart-aching vocal expressions. While the crescendo-like chorus mirrors the swirling mess of emotions with dramatic piano, spiking guitars and crashing drums, it’s the respectively quiet verses that reveal the truth at the centre of it all. In those moments, the artist’s words are at their most vulnerable with the tinkling keys and light violin reflecting the fragility of this state of mind.

As with everything that this artist creates, this second track release is self-produced, although later finalised with London-based co-producer Oscar Moos. And it’s quite simply stunning.

‘Can’t Forgive Me’ will feature on ICEBERG‘s upcoming Swim EP.

You can also listen to ‘Can’t Forgive Me’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.





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