‘Une Love Song’ is the feel-good, lofi electro-pop single from French artist Tiphanie Doucet

Soaked in hues of amber and marigold, ‘Une Love Song’ is the blissfully amorous new single from French artist Tiphanie Doucet. This St Tropez based creative has been bubbling under the radar since 2017, producing an array of guitar-led pop songs with her sweet and dulcet voice at the heart. However, this fresh release marks a turning point in Doucet‘s sound towards a lo-fi electro-pop style that’s flush with French romanticism and cool retro dance beats.

Doucet co-produced ‘Une Love Song’ alongside Raphael Dhervez and Bill Cox, with the addition of remotely tracked bass by Mike Abiuso from his Brooklyn recording studio adding a touch of American gloss to the fray. Her trans-continental appeal can also be found in both the French and English lyrics that the artist seamlessly blends together, no doubt with the help of the hazy production that blurs the boundaries between Doucet‘s mellifluous voice and the fluid synths.

It’s an undeniably tranquil track that is sure to uplift any listener’s spirit thanks to the loop of lofi beats, retro bass groove, sparkling chimes and delicately plucked strings that mediates the verses in the run up to the feel-good chorus. It’s really in those choruses where the shuffling energy that Doucet artfully builds comes to full fruition.

Recalling the moment that she came up with the intention for ‘Une Love Song’, the artist explains:

“People kept telling me during the pandemic that my voice made them feel at peace… When I reflected on my music and my life, I started writing with this vision, and since I had written a lot of breakup songs, I thought “how would I sound if I wrote a love song and give people that peaceful feeling with it.” The mix of language is very important to me since it’s how I see myself, a mix of
American and French culture.”

‘Une Love Song’ is the first single to be shared from Tiphanie Doucet‘s upcoming concept album, to be released in early 2023. So watch this space!

You can also listen to ‘Une Love Song’ in our Electro Feels and Outsiders Club playlists.

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