The Horn drops straight truths with pop-rock romp ‘Power Show’

We’ve certainly had our fair share of politically charged social commentary here at Unrecorded, but The Horn‘s ‘Power Show’ is a whole new take that we haven’t encountered before. They really don’t hold back in warning the audience to be wary of cult-like ideologies and tyrannical power structures through this jangling rock-pop single.

“So many cults around us, not just religious & political, scroll any social media or watch, listen or read any media in any country and so many people think their cult or their beliefs whatever they are, are more important or more real than someone else’s, they are not, just be nice that’s all you need, piss off, it’s exhausting!”, explains the group’s bassist Nick True.

It’s the third song we’ve had from the London-based quintet and it’s easily their weightiest concept yet, but they contrast the stark reality of power with the upbeat, exuberant nature of the track. There really are no downbeat moments in ‘Power Show‘ – from the start to end, it’s a rambunctious journey of scintillating guitar riffs, unrelenting drums, groovey bass lines and loaded synth keys. As a result, this indie tune is a real danceable romp and at the same time you can sing-along to the whimsical lyrics.

Not only is ‘Power Show’ a fantastic new addition to The Horn‘s growing catalogue, but it also comes with the announcement of their first UK tour supporting Star Sailor. Be sure to head over to the band’s socials to find out more.

You can also listen to ‘Power Show’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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