Journey through the subconscious with Lineback’s ‘In My Dreams’

Considering that Lineback was formed just one month before the world shut down at the start of the covid-19 pandemic, they probably spent a lot of time dreaming about the day that they’d be able to make and perform music freely. As such, this Canadian indie-pop outfit has distilled those wishful thoughts in the suitably named single ‘In My Dreams’. In fact, the band’s sophomore track was written about a recurring dream that songwriter and lead vocalist, Chrys Teo, had during lockdown.

Like many of us, our subconscious took over to process the stressful and unprecedented event in all of our lives and we can hear that hazy, unpredictable and ethereal mindscape coming to life in the band’s synth and shoegaze fuelled indie-pop sound. The band describe this as “an emotionally charged diary entry” and to us it sounds like that moment when you wake up to try and jot down your dream, but the lines between reality and the world of sleep are still blurred. The melodic guitars are heavily reverberated and the synth keys adds to that fuzzy feeling, with the consistent drum beats plugging away in the background. Leading us through all this mesh of dream-pop textures is the serene voice sweetly singing “in my dreams, there’s always you.”

The impressively tranquil ‘In My Dreams’ follows up the success of Lineback‘s debut release ‘Bed’, so be sure to go give that a listen if you like what you hear.

You can also listen to ‘In My Dreams’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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