New Zealand singer-songwriter Sabreen Islam unravels heartbreak with ‘you will never see this’

The fallout of a break-up is never easy and the emotional process is entirely individualised. For New Zealand singer-songwriter Sabreen Islam, she worked through the end of a relationship by doing what she does best – putting her complicated feelings and unshared thoughts to music. The resulting song’s title ‘you will never see this’ suggests that it wasn’t always intended to be released, rather it was a private confessional between the songwriter and her guitar. However, we’re very glad that she unveiled this shining indie-pop gem because we’re in no doubt that many listeners will find solace in the artist’s honest words.

The lyrics within ‘you will never see this’ paint a detailed picture of the songwriter’s former relationship through a series of pensive reflections and rhetorical questions, such as “do you feel ashamed for what you did? / Do you know? Do you care? / Does your heart skip a beat when you see black hair?” For the most part, these are the questions that many of us wish we could confront our exes with, especially if you were on the receiving end of the emotional blow.

Ultimately, the realisation is that any real life discussion with the unnamed ex would open up old wounds. And so, Islam‘s free and artistic expression goes towards her healing and moving on, as she depicts in the opening line, “So this is it, I had a broken heart and I healed it well.”

Taking into consideration the warm and analog production, upbeat guitar strums and rich tapestry of digital beats, we can hear that the song is overall a positive one designed to overshadow those darker emotions with the bright sunshine of Sabreen Islam‘s sound.

You can also listen to ‘you will never see this’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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