We are a bunch of ‘Broken Pieces’ listening to Leyla Diamondi

It is only fitting to begin this post with the infamous Lady Gaga quote: “talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before.” There’s simply no other description that will do ‘Broken Pieces’ by Leyla Diamondi justice. 

We weren’t even prepared for goosebumps and the first listen gave us tears. We weren’t even ready for a heartbreak song and we got a colossal declaration. This track exceeds all expectations, it’s titled ‘Broken Pieces’ and it literally outlines every crack, meticulously and soul-stirringly. 

It is evident the track marks an artistic break-through for Leyla Diamondi, the relief lingering in the air is unmatched and forms a charmingly harmonious marriage with the desperation and passion in the singer’s vocals throughout. While the production is minimal, the build up almost acquires a cinematic quality, enveloping the listener in whiffs of intense feeling. 

‘Broken Pieces’ isn’t just a song, it’s an experience as well as a common human condition. This song is important and a great witness for mental health awareness. Let’s all chant: “I’m just a bunch of broken pieces!”

I used to put up walls to feel safe, because I was afraid of being rejected by the pack if you will, but now I have come to realise that being open and fluid (like water) is so much more powerful; invincible. I am not afraid anymore. This has been my songwriting journey.”

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