‘Petit Zèbre’ is the jazz, electro & hip-hop fusion track about difference through the eyes of Je Suis Oz

In just about every culture around the world, we have labels for children who appear to be particularly gifted. In France, those young people with extremely high emotional intelligence are called petits zèbres. One artist who grew up with this label is the 27-year-old Je Suis Oz, who has been making music for most of his life as an instinctual way of expressing his fast-paced mind and unique way of thinking. His experience has now come to life in the suitably titled ‘Petit Zèbre’, one of the singles from his recently released EP, Comme Un Gosse.

The French-language alternative track is a treat for the ears, whether you’re a Francophone or not. Oz‘s punctuated lyric style adds another layer of percussion to the intricately composed track, which also incorporates an earthy bass lines, vibrant electronic beats and Middle Eastern inspired guitar refrains. This captivating mixture of jazz and electro, rap and hip-hop depicts the world through the eyes of one petit zèbre, particularly the sense of being different.

You can find more of Je Suis Oz‘s distinct strings-meets-beats sound in the rest of his EP, such as in our other favourite track ‘Ne Lâche Pas’.

Listen to ‘Petits Zèbre’ in our Outsiders Club and Hip, Hop & More playlists.

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