Introducing the haunting alt-pop sound of ACTRESE with ‘Vivid But Vague’

ACTRESE‘s eerie alternative-pop single ‘Vivid But Vague’ centres are a chance encounter which illuminates all of those innate differences between two strangers and yet even those cannot dissuade the intense magnetism between these two. As the instantly iconic opening lyric of this song indicates, it could be their opposition that is the ultimate attraction – “You criticise my music, / I criticise your ego”. Not only did these words catch our attention, but it was also the sloping minor-key melodies and ambient drums pads that drew us into this intimate moment.

The artist herself is also ready to jump up with a evocative description of the scene that’s laid out by this unsuspectingly dramatic song, as ACTRESE goes on to divulge…

“You are in a secret crypt-like club, you have already heard Ben Howard and Jessie Ware play their acoustic sets with a punch. That’s when you hear ‘Vivid But Vague’. You’re into a conversation with a mysterious, intriguing man, the crowd chatter is loud and you gradually begin to hear a gentle, anxious voice backed by ambient pads (those of a church choir), vividly but vaguely. Preaching for the lack of a better word, praising yet dreading the fleeting moments. Just when you think it’s ended, the song transforms into a different shape. Heavy, rough around the edges, although full of potential, contradiction and soul. Bendy guitar in tango with a full of substance voice. It might have been a dream. You’ve experienced it. It’s all that matters.’’

It’s evident that the London-based artist’s vision for ‘Vivid But Vague’ truly had come to life through the gradually building soundscape that she’s carefully crafted here. From that alluring introduction, we feel the temperature rising with the ascending tempo, theatrical drums, haunting cello sweeps, searing guitar riffs and ACTRESE‘s own bold vocal performance. We especially love the ribcage-vibrating bass beats which squarely place the listener in that club environment where the can’t distinguish the beating of their heart from that of the speakers.

All in all, ACTRESE‘s effective twist on pop is a true representation of her self-coined style of “sexy envisionment of reality.” What could be a fleeting and unforgettable moment is transformed into a gossamer and enticing flicker of life in the hands of this artist.

You can also listen to ‘Vivid But Vague’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.





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