Taste the nostalgia with Eugenia Post Meridiem’s ‘willpower’


Introducing Eugenia Post Meridiem and their exciting new single ‘willpower’, with a multifaceted and eclectic sound palette, the four piece Italian band brings an unmatchable sound to the table.

The track is a full course meal, travelling through contrasting sections as a way to illustrate a communion of thoughts within the minds of many. The unresolved chord progression leaves the listener wanting more of this abstract feeling. Tapping at the crossroads of psychedelic rock, jazz, soul and folk, ‘willpower’ is a kaleidoscopic experience – impossible to simply just play in the background, this piece will have you gripped and hypnotised for its whole duration, and you might not even ever get used to it. 

Describing the subject matter of the track, Eugenia Post Meridiem explain,

“Willpower was the first piece we composed after “Life Sleeper”, it was developed from a composition of Matteo (drums) and then reworked in different moments from 2019 to 2021, till the recording sessions.

This song tells something about the onset of a precious thought in the mind of a teenager which keeps growing until it’s shared. Then it starts to insinuate in other minds, as an intuition, a desire, a hope, a fear, or something we always look up to.

In the verses the music reflects the growth of these thoughts through a chord progression that never resolves, then the change of the harmony in the chorus creates a different background (like the change of mind in which these thoughts are growing) and in the final chorus the music develops as if it’s a “shared experience” of minds, a communion of thoughts.”  

Such a refreshing entry from Eugenia Post Meridiem! We are incredibly excited to know this is the first establishment to their sophomore album ‘Like I Need Tension’, due for release in November.

We can only imagine what ‘willpower’ is an introduction to. 



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