Eugenia Post Meridiem return with sensational second single ‘around my neck’


Eclectic has never sounded so good! Eugenia Post Meridiem barely took a break after their phenomenal single ‘Willpower’ last month. They are on absolute fire releasing yet again another breathtaking tune. ‘around my neck’ conceptualises the theme of human freedom by illustrating its dreamy quality. 

We don’t know what caught us off guard the most upon first listen – the breakdown a quarter of the way in, the development just before the 2 minute mark, or the quirky sound palette – this track is a treasure chest of surprises. A truly unpredictable number, ‘around my neck’ englobes the essence of Eugenia Post Meridiem and proves them to be a band of excellence and ingenuity. 

With impeccable mastery, the main vocals are kept monotone without giving up on distinct character. ‘around my neck’ is a full experience, wrapped in a marvellous bow of extravagant choices that will not fail to stick with you. 

Diving deep into the meaning behind ‘around my neck’ Eugenia (vocals) explains,

“This song was born from a riff written by Giovanni during the lockdown and reworked afterwards. The original composition had a crazy chord progression that was simplified during the arrangement process ending up in a loop of four chords played over an afrobeat groove which breaks when the chorus hits, changing the hypnotic mood of the verse, the bass drops and the mood becomes darker and colder, than a monotone voice leads once again to the verse and in the end leads to a male choir improvisation, a dreamy vocal prayer that blends gradually in a dawn.

Those musical ideas are conceptualised in the lyrics as a mantra repeating itself almost like a prayer about what we probably mean when we say ‘human freedom’. We are trying to summon an image of someone facing two giants: life and death; being frozen by deep fear, but then at a time having this feeling of being something way more noble and greater, an ‘existence’ that walks over them.” 

Check it out here and keep yours eyes fixed on Eugenia Post Meridiem.



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