Gleneagle surrender in riveting indie-pop number ‘That Dream (Is Over)’

At this point, it’s not all that surprising to discover that a band spent their lockdown writing and recording new songs, we reckon that just about everyone in the world did that as a way to cope with the unprecedented event in our recent history. What we do find awe-inspiring is the depth and breadth of sonic and thematic variety that has sprung up from that time of isolated creativity. Perhaps that was that secret to it – being separated from people’s expectations allowed musicians to simply create.

This can be said of Vancouver three-piece Gleneagle whose emotive indie-pop sound is like a patchwork quilt of their favourite genres. Listening to their new single ‘That Dream (Is Over)’, one can detect the 90s Brit-pop structure akin to Oasis, the timeless songwriting of early Springsteen or the alternative country appeal of Pinegrove.

What emerges from this potent mixture is a dreamy, earnest and vibrant anthem perfect for big-stage shows in which the crowd joyfully sings-along with that seriously catchy chorus. ‘That Dream (Is Over)’ is a blissful surrender to the way of things; there’s no point fighting against the tide of fate.

Sometimes things just don’t work out. That Dream Is Over is about accepting that, and not only being ok with it, but being ok with letting the world around you know you’ve moved on. The song was written in about an hour long break between studio sessions, inspired by an emotional few weeks of what felt like the last time Gleneagle would ever play together. For me personally, the song is a way of letting go of the pressure of success, and instead being grateful for being able to do what you love, with those you love around you,” adds the band with illuminating detail.

You can listen to the single below and in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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