Swim in the synth-pop nostalgia of The Golden Hour’s ‘Postcard Summer’

If, like us, are also in the Northern hemisphere, you’ll be well aware that we’ve officially reached that time of year when the summer has officially become a distant memory and the seasonal warmth is disappearing as quickly as our tans. The good news is that this seasonal transition makes way for a whole new sway of nostalgic trips in our music as we look to re-live those long, sun-drenched days. One song that you can add to your playlist is ‘Postcard Summer’, the synthiest of synth-pop bangers from Italian musician Matteo Zandonella Bolco, aka The Golden Hour.

Throughout this synth-saturated track, Bolco‘s voice has great clarity meaning that the romantic motivation behind this lusciously composed single won’t be lost on the listener. He paints scenes of honest connection and instant, raw love through the spectrum of his memories. His words are given great weight by the punchy, hard-hitting rhythm reminiscent of 80s pop hits, while the escalating synth keys and catchy melodies really give ‘Postcard Summer’ a dreamy quality.

Speaking about the message behind his powerful new single, the Rome-based artist shares:

“Kids often lose certainties as they grow up, such as who they want to be or what their dream job would’ve been. This song makes you feel like there are moments worth sighing for, even though life comes with its fair share of problems, the nostalgia infused single acts like a giant snooze button.”

So without further ado, let’s lose ourselves in the pure nostalgia of The Golden Hour‘s all-encompassing synth-pop sound…

You can also listen to ‘Postcard Summer’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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