Groeland’s founder Halde goes solo with The Flow LP, featuring ‘Nothing Comes For Free’

Halde beckons in a new age of her creativity with her new album, titled The Flow, which is the product of her solo project away from her part in Montreal indie band Groenland. With this record, Halde shows there’s no limit to her creative confidence, but this eleven-track album goes beyond that. The Flow is derived from the musician’s personal transformative process that took place in the serene isolation of a rural cottage, which was itself triggered by a series of losses and as such. Evidently, it only felt right for the artist that this introspective experience would be poured into a solo effort.

From the album, we’ve handpicked focus track ‘Nothing Comes For Free’. There’s a raw intimacy to this track, which is partly due to the lo-fi recording so that Halde‘s bluesy vocal greets our ears with a real-life texture. The dynamic quality of her voice is joined by a vibrant soundtrack of frenetic piano playing, bustling percussion, running bass line and sustained synths. All of this sonic activity teeters on the line of chaos and control, perhaps reflective of the songwriter’s thought process as she came to terms with the give-and-take nature of life. ‘Nothing Comes For Free’ is the revelatory mantra for embracing our mortal nature, which ultimately makes life all that much sweeter.

You can listen to ‘Nothing Comes For Free’ below, in our Outsiders Club playlist, and in The Flow LP here.

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