Jayd Ink shares sublime EP ‘Catching Red Lights’


There’s nothing quite as exciting as a new chapter for such a relevant artist and with ‘Catching Red Lights’, singer songwriter Jayd Ink presents herself as class and taste personified.

Oozing in finesse, ‘Queen St’ is the perfect driving music, reflective and personal, it envelops the listener with a fleshed out production. ‘Rollin’ keeps the streak running with incredible charm, maintaining a cohesive tone that rolls off perfectly, resulting in a mellifluous extravaganza. ‘Stuck On Earth’ is the cherry on top of the cake, illustrating a more mysterious Jayd, always laid back, but with a hint of je ne sais quoi.

Describing the project itself, Jayd shared, “Catching Red Lights is about slowing down and learning to appreciate the moment. During the lockdown I took the time to sit with myself, dive deeper into my thoughts, my fears and my overall wellbeing. It was a lot of reflection. These three songs are a combination of how I was feeling during that time.”

Sit back, relax and listen to Jayd Ink’s sublime RnB chiller ‘Catching Red Lights’ below:



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