On the Record: Eugenia Post Meridiem

For those who have never heard of Eugenia Post Meridiem, who are they and what is their music about?

We are: Eugenia (voice-guitar), Giovanni (guitar – keys), Matteo (drums – keys), Matteo (bass – keys), from Italy. We write down and we play as we try to create something precious but free, something simple but not easy. 

You’ve just released your sophomore album like i need a tension, what has been the most rewarding part of the project? 

We are grateful to be able to create together a music in which everyone puts something of her/his own experience, always keeping in mind each one has to offer only what is necessary for the good of the collective creation. 

If any, what have been some major challenges in your music career so far/with this album? 

Jump out of 2 years of silence and a post-pandemy vibe with an album… also being able to blend everybody’s ideas.

Your music is such a beautiful concoction of flavours and colours, if you could choose, what would a dream collaboration be for you? 

Hiatus Kaiyote, King Krule, Verdena.

What does your creative process look like, how does an idea form and develop? (For reference multiple songs have varying switch ups and almost change into new songs) 

Everyone shares an idea that we then develop together and while doing this other ideas come up and create new atmospheres that gently lead us to transform the song.

What is the one message you would like to share alongside this project? What would you like listeners to take away from it? 

Don’t be afraid to be curious: you can get precious and innovative things by letting yourself be attracted by very different and unexpected music genres and forms of art. Also, reflect deeply on your ambitions.

Finally, what do we have to look forward to for 2023? 

Find a safer and more stable balance between our personalities, our beliefs, our knowledges and needs.

Listen to ‘like i need a tension’:



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