The Thing With Feathers’ indie-rock anthem ‘Everything I’m Missing’ brims with nostalgia

With a smattering of 2010s indie-rock, early 2000s pop-punk and quintessential Nashville songwriting, the latest single from three-piece band The Thing With Feathers has so many elements that we just find irresistible. It’s no secret that nostalgic indie music is our soft spot and so when we first listened to ‘Everything I’m Missing’, we were instantly drawn into this enticing melange of sounds.

Even the band themselves admits, “The song definitely has a greater sense of nostalgia for us compared to the other tracks on the record in which we were a bit more determined to push the parameters of our genre and create a new modern rock sound.”

The track itself starts off with a classic guitar hook and collapsing drums that could easily be the opening of an iconic noughties movie, but don’t be misled by this upbeat opening. Much like mainstream breakthrough bands The 1975 and The Strokes, this Tennessee trio skilfully embeds angsty narratives and emotional lyrics into a catchy pop-rock composition. It makes it both emotionally perceptible and radio ready, and that’s not an easy line to walk. Yet, with ‘Everything I’m Missing’, the band absolutely achieves this golden blend.

We especially love the bold and bright chorus that’s brimming with nostalgia, both in the genre elements and the lyrical themes, the latter of which evokes a bittersweet retrospect at everything that has already passed. The fast pace in the chorus mirrors just how quickly time can slip through our fingers, but with this track at least, The Thing With Feathers has set this moment in amber ready for inevitable repeat listens.

If you’re as hooked as we are, then be sure to look out for the band’s upcoming EP, arriving later this year.

You can also listen to ‘Everything I’m Missing’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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