Listen to soft surf-rock single ‘Tidal Wave’ from San Fran newcomer Josh Long

Surf culture and mellifluous retro-rock go hand in hand; there’s just something about the lofi textures and beachside relaxation that makes perfect sense. It’s clear that San Fransisco-via-San Diego singer-songwriter Josh Long has taken this genre to heart in his new indie surf-rock single ‘Tidal Wave’.

California is very much the birthplace of this genre and over the decades since its inception, it has taken on a variety of forms, like lighthearted pop, DIY bedroom-pop, or slacker indie-rock. We can hear some of those elements throughout Long‘s blended take on the style, although its undeniable that his inspiration is rooted in the 70s and 80s early days. What really makes ‘Tidal Wave’ stand out is the solid songwriting at its core; the catchy hooks, the jangling melodies, the brushed chords, and the musician’s easy-going vocal. There’s also some great guitar riffs and energetic horns thrown in the mix to further set this track apart.

Complimenting all of this are the lyrics, which sound instinctively chosen, as though they just rolled off the songwriter’s tongue one day in a moment of pure inspiration. He characterfully sings, “there’s something with you, there’s something with me, you’re a tidal wave, wash me away”, with a rhythmic jolt.

Before we leave you to dive into ‘Tidal Wave’ for yourself, here’s what Josh Long has to say about his brand new release:

“‘Tidal Wave’ is the perfect encapsulation of me as a songwriter. The musical progression with new musical elements, such as electric guitars and brass sections, sprinkled throughout creates a musical swell that I’ve always been inspired by from pop music.“

You can also find ‘Tidal Wave’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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