‘Time Machines’ is the charming debut from indie-folk newcomer Megan Kennedy

It’s common knowledge that the good times can’t last forever – that’s the reality. However, the beauty of music is that it’s not an exact mirror of our real world, instead we can warp the image to create our truest fantasy. It’s through her debut single ‘Time Machines’, that Naarm (Melbourne) based musician Megan Kennedy is able to capture a euphoric moment in time and set it to repeat.

What’s beautiful about this song, is that the these feelings of joy and elevation aren’t obvious, rather this slanting and spiralling indie track gently pulls you into a sonic daydream. From the somnambulist, off-kilter beats to Kennedy‘s lilting vocal melodies to the folksy, reverberated strings, it’s the perfect environment for choosing ignorant bliss over troubling actuality. We really must insist on multiple listens as the artist not only exercises her sensitive performance and deft musicianship, but her storytelling is also so captivating. Kennedy‘s words dance on the edge of the surreal, with imaginative images of ‘helium floorboards’ and ‘tiny eruptions’ delivered with a mellifluous magic. This song really is disarmingly charming.

‘Time Machines’ is a must listen to anyone already indoctrinated into Australia’s dazzling indie-folk scene, that’s blessed us with the likes of Julia Jacklin, Courtney Barnett… and now Megan Kennedy. Or, if this is your first experience of this local genre, then welcome, we’re sure you won’t regret adding this one to your daily playlists.

If you’re in need of a ready-made listen log, then you can also find ‘Time Machines’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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