Funk-laced, indie-rock ‘Cougar’ is Wild Horse’s vibrant new track

Come with us on a little time travelling journey back to 2020 when we first featured Brighton-based indie band Wild Horse with their single ‘Don’t Want To Go’. Since then, this young trio of musicians have been working hard of fine-tuning their sound and gaining even more experience on the UK gig scene, and it really shows in their newest single ‘Cougar‘. This is such a confidently vibrant and bold track that reflects just how much brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and their best mate Ed Barnes have grown as songwriters and performers.

With a little bit of that backstory, let’s get into the track itself. ‘Cougar’ kicks off with succulent funk, inspired by the 70s vinyls that these three grew up listening to, and there’s something so slick and cinematic about this introduction. With this strut-worthy opening, we’re lead into the track’s unconventional narrative of a lonely housewife who starts using psychedelics and visiting younger men to escape the pain of real life and her failing marriage. Suiting this chaotic storyline, ‘Cougar’ is not out-and-out grooves, but the band incorporates some of their signature Brit-rock mannerisms, like the searing guitars, danceable rhythms and textured frontman vocals. As for the lyrics, Wild Horse take the position of one of the older woman’s naive conquests, who “like a deer under the headlights I find myself drawn into your life”, because even though this scenario isn’t going to end well, there’s something so irresistible and hedonistic about it. That temptation is further echoed by the song’s ending line “how sweet the sound”, delivered by the soulful voice of Jalissa Livermore.

Overall, this song shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, it’s a little risqué and it plays with some unusual stereotypes. ‘Cougar’ starts of the year for Wild Horse on a high, one that has already seen the outfit as one of the First 50 bands to play at this year’s Great Escape Festival.

Check out ‘Cougar‘ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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