‘Retriever’ is Nat Oak’s emotionally sophisticated new single

Introducing Nat Oaks, the Bristol-based artist, who draws on her city’s rich music history to craft music that’s recognisably local, but with global appeal. Her newest heartfelt offering is ‘Retriever’, in which you can hear some of that subtle trip-hop beatwork, but also the more soulful and patterned lyricism akin to Loyle Carner or Arlo Parks. On this track Oaks, also brings in grooving drums, heartwarming synths and understated guitar lines to further compliment to laidback and insightful single.

Throughout the texturally sophisticated track, Nat Oaks‘ mellow-yet-emotional vocal performance ruminates on the power imbalance of certain relationships. As the emerging artist explains below.

I wrote this song as a reflection on a lack of reciprocation in relationships, where the balance just isn’t there. I also wanted to focus on abstract imagery so that each person listening can put themselves in the song and see where they deserve more in whatever relationships they have.”

This track is for anyone who found themselves doing all the emotional labour in a relationship, whether that be romantic, platonic, familial or other, and gives you the empowerment to say, “I’m not the retriever.”

You can also listen to ‘Retriever’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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