‘Getting No Place Fast’ is Jack Hooper’s indie-synth expression of mental health struggles

If you’re at all familiar with the cartoonish figure of Frank Sidebottom, a surrealist comedy performer sporting an oversized papier-mâché head, then the character in Jacko Hooper‘s new music video might be a familiar one. The visuals for the British artist’s new single ‘Getting No Place Fast’ follows the solitary Hooper whose glum expression further emphasises his loneliness and isolation. The track itself is suitably styled in the vein of 80s era new wave and indie synth-rock, sounds that readily lend themselves to more melancholic narrative.

Hooper takes inspiration for this track from his real life experience of a mental health crisis back in 2020. Although ‘Getting No Place Fast‘ is obvious in its subject matter of mental health, and particularly depression, the way that this Brighton-based musician portrays it is not entirely hopeless. There’s a bright spark embedded within those indie-pop hooks and shimmering synth keys, one that adds balances to this otherwise blue picture. It’s such an additive track to listen to, personally I gave this four back-to-back plays because I enjoyed the dreamy melodies and Hooper‘s bruised vocal tones so much.

‘Getting No Place Fast’ will feature on Jacko Hooper‘s forthcoming record, Respair.

You can also listen to ‘Getting No Place Fast’ in our Indie Rockers and Outsiders Club playlists.

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