‘Physical’ is ANDRO’s most vulnerable performance to date

If you haven’t added ANDRO to your regular listening rotation, then what have you been doing?! This artist spent the past seven years as part of the one and only JUNGLE, but more recently this singer and songwriter has been exploring his individual sound. Part of this journey is brand new single ‘Physical’, which gorgeously soulful and personal story about living with childhood trauma.

Here, the London-based artist explains the context behind ‘Physical’:

“The song is about when my parents used to fight and what that was like, watching and growing up with. The pain and trauma that it can carry through into adulthood and how it’s shaped me as a person, teaching me how to navigate my own platonic and romantic relationships and be the cycle breaker of my family.”

This emotional soul-meets-pop ballad is built around 80s pop-inspired cinematic beats and contemporary melodies evoking a sense of forlorn reflection, that really places the listener in the shoes of someone living day to day with these memories. ‘Physical’ was also co-written with Hannah Yadi (FLO, Josie Man, Friendly Fires, Beren Olivia), which ANDRO described as “a breath of fresh air”, and co-produced with Courage (Lava La Rue, Niko B, Foxes, Tayo Sound).

‘Physical’ really is such a labour of love from ANDRO, as he shares, “This song is a very vulnerable topic, touching on domestic violence and family trauma. I want it to speak to everyone but especially those who are of the same socioeconomic demographic as me.”

You can also find ‘Physical’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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