Gary Dranow’s blues-rock band releases ‘Something About You’

Gary Dranow sits at the centre of this Utah blues-rock band, where he spins tales of life, pursuits of love, and emotional upheaval. Some of their recent singles like ‘Fool Outta Me’ and ‘Twisted Minds’ are vibrant roadmaps of Dranow‘s lived experiences, with bucketloads of attitudes reminiscent of bands like Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi or The Rolling Stones. Their newest release is ‘Something About You’, dedicated to the lead singer and songwriter’s fourth wife, which also explains the Picasso inspiration behind the song’s artwork.

The recording of ‘Something About You’ really transports the listener into a live setting, with live instrumentation and vibrant stage energy coming through this stream in full force. From the American rock guitars through to the tapped cymbals and rumbling bass, this track has such a positive feeling. With so much bold rock’n’roll sound, it’s even more impressive that the larger-than-life vocals manage to command the song’s foreground. Our attention is drawn to those bluesy, rough-round-the-edges vocal tones that deliver the impactful lyrics with such strength and confidence.

It’s an enticing taste of the band’s upcoming album, Mellow Drama, due for release later this year. Until then, Gary Dranow and his band will be playing gigs in and around their hometown of Park City, Utah.

You can also listen to ‘Something About You’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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