Hotel Ugly is back with feel-good, layered single ‘Action Figures Fighting’

There are few musicians who have had such a stratospheric rise from debuting in the pandemic as Hotel Ugly. Chances are that if he starting sharing music at any other time, he would have also done just as well, but it does seem like the stars aligned to place self produced by American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-producer Mike Vince in front of the right people at the right time. His first demo, The Ugly EP, currently has millions streams on Spotify and currently sitting at #315 in the world on that particular streaming platform.

Hotel Ugly‘s first release of 2023 is ‘Action Figures Fighting’, a relaxed indie number that features Vince‘s characteristic indie-pop construction, R&B melodies and laidback hip-hop beats. With the addition of warm Latin guitar chords, this track moves from solemn reflection to such a feel-good and light-hearted listen that’ll make listeners feel right at home, whether they be old or new.

Here, Mike Vince reflects on how this new song came to be:

“My producer friends and I were all goofing around in the studio one day when we all grabbed an object that made some sort of sound and started jamming. We shook, tapped, jiggled and strummed these objects and instruments until we created this beauty that we now call Action Figures Fighting.”

Listen to ‘Action Figures Fighting’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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