Watch the claymation music video for Yuphoric’s ‘MOM’S Song’ feat. Meron

A week ago, Berlin-based project Yuphoric released their new song ‘MOM’S Song’, featuring the dynamic talents of Meron who provides soulful vocals and rhythmic rap through this dreamy track. In case that you slept on that initial release, the collaborators have delivered a second chance to enjoy this gorgeous track through the quirky and uncanny claymation video.

This celestial soundtrack is a kaleidoscopic journey through broken hip-hop beats, feather-light soul and lo-fi electronica, which are pretty much the three cornerstones of producer and multi instrumentalists’ Yuval Gantz and Phøn (Ron Warburg) joint project. The organic nature of this song is most likely rooted in the natural way that it came to be during a discussion with Meron. It was after a long week of songwriting sessions that the trio began to reflect on what it means to be an artist, all the hardwork that it takes and how self-doubt can all too easily creep in. Instinctually, Yuval grabbed the guitar and started playing the beginning progression of the song, Meron started singing the verse, which led to Phøn playing the chorus piano hook. It must have felt like a release to get all of that pressure of their chests and share in that moment of creative solidarity.

Check out the brand new video for ‘MOM’S Song’ below, and you can also listen to the track in our Hip, Hop & More and Soul & Grooves playlists.

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