Now listening to Nicki Wells’ atmospheric chant ‘I Have Longed To Be Here’

Nicki Wells‘ new single ‘I Have Longed To Be Here’ is an atmospheric chant centered around the singer’s long vocalisations that make you feel enveloped in the music. The way that the song rumbles, drops away and rumbles again reminds one of the sea and its undulating waves; not only in the vocals, but the whole song itself. The constant movement is especially ocean-like.

The production of ‘I Have Longed To Be Here’ is a living, breathing thing, that cradles the listener into a state of sleepy relaxation. Those touches of traditional Indian and Bulgarian folk music are especially apparent. The only criticism a listener might have is that the song overall is a little repetitive, making you wish for more intensity in the middle or contrast at other points. However, it’s still beautiful, naturalistic and strangely introspective.

The new song will feature on Nicki Wells‘ forthcoming album, Elipsis.

You can listen to ‘I Have Longed To Be Here’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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