Sam Segurado’s folky indie single ‘JJ’ is an ode to the strength of women

If you’re someone that grows up between two or more countries and cultures, you might find yourself searching for an anchor stone. Perhaps it’s something that will exist between your two worlds, helping you to find connections between them bit also to explore your identity as a unique individual. For Sam Segurado, who grew up between Ireland and Portugal, finding his talent for songwriting was essential to his early development. As he’s grown up, continued to travel the world and settled in Dublin, that passion has only grown leading to the release of his 2017 debut album, Looking for the Fox.

Now, Segurado is looking towards the next phase of his career with the upcoming release of his sophomore album, to be titled The Remainder. Our first taste of that record is ‘JJ’, a melancholic listen inspired by indie songwriting, folky guitars and alt-pop synths. It’s rooted in 00s nostalgia, but with a contemporary finish thanks to the production talents of Stephen Lovatt and Shane Becker.

In time for International Women’s Day, this track is a dedication to the strength of women.

As the artist explains, ‘JJ‘ is “one of the earliest songs written for the album. It may sound hackneyed as hell, but I wrote this song for the women I know, and the women I don’t. It’s theirs now. Whether they want it or not. An ode to the strength of women, to their experiences, a drop in the ocean of their pain. We can surround ourselves in darkness for protection, but that leaves us in the dark.”

You can also listen to ‘JJ’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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