‘Low Lights and Throwback Tunes’ is common goldfish’s nostalgic ode to 90s piano house

A songwriters process is always unique to the individual and endlessly fascinating to music obsessives like us. For their latest track release, regular featuree common goldfish gives us a peek behind the creation curtain by telling us how ‘Low Lights and Throwback Tunes’ came to be. The vocal hook was what came first, a 90s inspired riff that was locked into his mind long before the lyrics. It was in a moment of serendipity when the artist heard his friends poetic line “low lights and throwback tunes” and suddenly all the pieces fit together. Like common goldfish recalls, “I was immediately hit with a sense of nostalgia and knew that had to be the basis of the song.”

Completing this nostalgia is the playful incorporation of 90s piano house and indie-rock, inspired by the music that this musician grew up listening to in his Tottenham home. It’s a lively soundscape where reverby strings, electronic dance rhythms and common goldfish’s distinctive British drawl comes together through waves of retrospective daydreaming.

For this artist, it was all about creating a song that sounds like hanging out with friend and enjoying the moment…

“The songs about those moments you share with your mates and that one iconic throwback tune starts blaring out the speakers. Before you know it, everyone’s up and dancing, and there’s an energy flowing through the room.”

You can also listen to ‘Low Lights and Throwback Tunes’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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