Emerging indie-pop duo Bubble Tea and Cigarettes’ ‘French Movie’ captures the dying moments of a relationship

Dotted throughout the English language are little idioms that depict two things that don’t seem to go together, you’ll probably be familiar with “chalk and cheese”. However, even things appear to be polar opposites can be found together in the right circumstances, like Bubble Tea and Cigarettes. This unusual name is the one chosen by duo Kat and Andi and suitably their sound is equal parts sweet and smokey with a varied array of influences from Japanese melodicism, European cinema soundtracks, Brazilian bossa nova, and American psychedelica.

Currently, the pair are gearing up for the release of their debut LP, There’s Nothing But Pleasure, and our first taste of that record is ‘French Movie’. From the atmospheric opening, it’s already evident as a stunning introduction to the dreamy, cinematic and melancholic sound that this duo has crafted. Each moment is impregnated with a starry-eyed etherealism, from arpeggiating guitar and synths, to the soft drums, and the bass that replicates the sound of beating heartbeats. Floating around the periphery of this interwoven soundscape are some whispering vocals relaying a subtle but profound sense of sorrow.

Both the song’s lyrics and visuals tells us that ‘French Movie’ has been written to capture the dying final moments of a long-term relationship, one where those involved have resigned themselves to the inevitable while simultaneously longing for days past. You can really find that overwhelming sense of emotion in the Erica Sheu-directed music video.

By the time that this song ends, you’ll be in no doubt that Bubble Tea and Cigarettes is an unmissable project, telling this pair’ post-adolescent romantic and hedonistic narratives.

You can also find ‘French Movie’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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