‘Dry’ is the powerful new single from Ghanaian indie artist psykhi

We’re hyped to introduce you to another new artist this week by the name of psykhi. Originally from Ghana but now based in London, this young artist has already built up a reputation from blending punk, rap, indie, rock and lofi influences together producing a truly unique style. With just two releases out last year, pyskhi is picking things up again with first track of the year – ‘Dry’.

This new single is full of poetic lyrics, raw vocals and fuzzed-out guitars. With this intoxicating array of sounds, the artist leads the listener into a realm of imagination, creativity and escapism.

The song’s chorus is especially uplifting and catchy, providing a sense of hope amid the shadows and frustration that the lyrics touch upon. Neither all positive or negative, the track is “a definitive goodbye,” as described by psykhi himself.

‘Dry’ is a powerful and introspective single that showcases psykhi‘s ability to blend disparate genre influences into a contemporary sound, while not compromising on his alternative perspective on life.

You can also find ‘Dry’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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