‘Beauty and Smile’ is the laidback lofi-pop recording from Frank Rabeyrolles’ Boat Songs sessions

This story begins all the way back in 2004 when Frank Rabeyrolles made his debut under the pseudonym Double u, it was something that was followed by years of prolific creation, numerous aliases and many more releases. Last year, the French music-maker released his naturally inspired concept album, Boat Songs, a record that touched on his favourite themes of escapism, time and love. With that little morsel of background information, let’s catch up with the Montpellier-based artist right now.

His newest release is the dreamy and introspective ‘Beauty and Smile’. It’s actually a previously unreleased recording from the sessions that built Boat Songs and so we find many of the similar lofi, indie-pop and minimalistic electronic songwriting elements that listeners would have happened upon in the 2022 album. Listening to ‘Beauty and Smile’ is like immersing oneself into calm waters and taking a respite from the chaotic pull of life, with the psychedelic guitars, vibrating bass and laidback, floating vocals. It’s a nostalgic follow-up to the album, one that’s a bittersweet venture into a memory of something lost.

It’s safe to say that we’re happy Rabeyrolles‘ lifted this special song from storage as its such an evocative and tender listen, and one that fits in with the southern French lifestyle. With ‘Beauty and Smile’ as our personal soundtrack, we can imagine hopping on the metro from the Montpellier town centre all the way to the coast for a day of mindscape wondering and letting time slip carelessly through our fingers.

You can also listen to ‘Beauty and Smile’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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