Ukrainian-British LGBTQ+ artist annie on the run explores PTSD in beautiful single ‘Thunderstorm’

Today, we have an incredibly poignant new single from Ukrainian-British LGBTQ+ artist annie on the run. Written and recorded in the Devonshire town of Totnes, ‘Thunderstorm’ not only strikes deep to the heart of this listener through the cosmic alt-pop soundtrack, but also through its sensitively explored personal content.

As you might be able to detect in the poetic lyrics, ‘Thunderstorm’ explores some of the ways that trauma and PTSD can affect a person’s life and these themes have been drawn directly from the artist’s own experiences. It’s such a delicately made song, with haunting strings, scaling piano, and ethereal vocals, onto which annie on the run‘s emotive voice projects those heavy emotions. This gorgeous blanket of sound has been enhanced by the production work of Atlanta-based Lovelle, who makes it even more warm and comforting to guide the listener through. In contrast to the serene naturalistic imagery, like a peaceful walk in the woods, the songwriter depicts PTSD as a raging thunderstorm within the mind.

‘Thunderstorm’ is such a rich and diverse piece of storytelling directly from the heart of annie on the run, with inspiration taken from her beautiful surroundings, personal life, and identity as a queer feminist. Her honesty is a powerful token of solidarity to all those who have suffered from abuse and trauma, especially for those seeking to break free from the victim-blaming culture that often surrounds these issues.

This singer-songwriter’s dedication to exploring difficult topics and using her music as a platform for healing and growth is admirable. Check out the touching single ‘Thunderstorm’ below.

You can also listen to ‘Thunderstorm’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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