With ‘Verve’, Swiss Banks find the zenith of their sound

It’s pretty gloomy where we are right now, its the kind of weather where you daren’t dream of going outside, but might be tempted to wistfully look outside while reflecting on your life thus far. That kind of mental daydreaming needs a soundtrack and that’s where Swiss Banks‘ newest release ‘Verve’ comes in.

This single is an emotionally-charged indie ballad reminiscent of Blur, Coldplay and Radiohead, so if any of those bands are on your list, then you had best keep on reading. ‘Verve’ is such a captivating listen with elongated guitar riffs, punchy yet laidback drums, a tidal wave of synths, and evocative vocals that question you, “don’t you want to say goodbye to them, before they leave you?” The whole thing is absolutely drenched in reverb which gives it that massive gig feeling, with the sounds echoing around a cavernous room and uniting everyone in the audience together into one beautiful experience.

The song’s title perfectly encapsulates its spirit and enthusiasm, as Swiss Banks‘ sound is infused with a sense of energy and vitality that is infectious. The track’s production is polished and precise, with every element of the arrangement serving to highlight the song’s emotional impact. From the soaring synths to the driving percussion, everything comes together to create a powerful and memorable musical experience.

With poignant lyricism, raw feeling and full conviction throughout, Swiss Banks put their own stamp on this popular music style.

You can listen to ‘Verve’ alongside plenty of other emotion-driven gems in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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