The Shrubs’ celebrate mundanity with their dreamy psych-rock single ‘Brilliance’

Following on from the 2022 releases of the serene and psychedelic singles ‘Walking Through Walls’ and ‘Summer Sun’, the Houston-based The Shrubs are back with another surge of their distinctive style in brand new track ‘Brilliance’. It’s an impressive addition to their growing catalogue as a mesmerizing blend of psych-rock and dream-pop sensibilities, with a helpful dose of improvised experimentation added into the mix.

From the very start of the song, the listener is welcomed into an atmospheric soundscape of somnambulist guitars and sloping rhythms, something that sets the tone for the expansive journey ahead. Everything teeters on edge of formlessness in this track, including those ethereal vocals which drift in and out of focus, and thus adding a further a layer of mysticism to the DIY track. The highlight of ‘Brilliance’ has to be it’s chorus, when all of those a hypnotic textures and weaving melodies reach their peak, wrapping you in a warm embrace of sound.

It’s clear that The Shrubs‘ musicianship is on full display here, with each member contributing to the intricate layers of sound that build throughout the track. Miguel’s guitar work brings in that hazy, otherworldly quality, while Josh and Sophie’s rhythm section provides a steady foundation for the song’s psychedelic flourishes, and Laura’s vocals are simply blissful. What we’re really impressed by is the band’s ability to craft intricate, experimental music that is still accessible and enjoyable to listen to.

Ultimately, ‘Brilliance’ is about finding the joy in the mundane moments of life, and so we hope that’s a message you’ll take away with you today.

You can also listen to ‘Brilliance’ and a whole array of new music finds in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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