Listen to the glittering debut Body Building LP from future star Tom Rasmussen

Tom Rasmussen‘s debut album, Body Building, is a bold and empowering statement from a rising star of the queer music scene. With a sound that blends house, pop, and electronic influences, Rasmussen explores themes of gender identity, self-expression, and the struggle for acceptance in a society that often fails to understand or appreciate difference.

At the heart of the album is the standout track, ‘Look At Me’, a catchy and infectious piano house banger that brims with confidence and swagger. But beneath the surface, there is a deeper message about the challenges faced by gender non-conforming individuals in a world that often seeks to erase or marginalize them. The lyrics speak to this struggle, with lines like “I’m just trying to be myself / But the world won’t let me” capturing the frustration and pain of feeling trapped by societal expectations.

Throughout the album, Rasmussen‘s vocals are a highlight, showcasing a range that can be both vulnerable and commanding. For example, ‘Fabulous Opera’ is an upbeat dance tracks that showcase their versatility as a performer.

In addition to their own voice, the artist has invited several important voices from the trans community to join them on the album as guest features, including Travis Alabanza, Shon Faye, and Princess Julia. These interludes add depth and complexity to the album’s message, highlighting the struggles and triumphs of a diverse community of people who refuse to be silenced or erased.

Overall, Body Building is a stunning debut from an artist who is sure to make waves in the years to come. With a message of radical self-acceptance and empowerment, Tom Rasmussen is a force to be reckoned with, and ‘Look At Me’ is just the beginning of what promises to be a long and exciting career in music.

You can find album focus track ‘Look At Me’ in our Electro Feels playlist.

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