From Tom Speight’s forthcoming album, ‘Let Go’ is a stirring emotional journey

Any one with their finger on the pulse of London’s singer-songwriter scene will be more than familiar with the prolific artist Tom Speight, although we haven’t had the pleasure of featuring this magnificent artist since the 2017 release of ‘My My My’. Evidently, we have a lot of catching up to do and the biggest news of late is Speight’s announcement of his third studio album, Love & Light.

The album promises to explore themes of love, loss, and hope, with Speight delving deep into his personal experiences and emotions, making it his most intimate work to date. The songwriter tantalizing says of the upcoming record that it’s him at his most vulnerable and open, and the new single ‘Let Go’ perfectly fits in with this intimate theme as it conveys the experience of getting over someone and deals with the angst and heartbreak.

As Speight himself further clarifies: “‘Let Go’ is like the follow-up phone call to my previous single ‘The One’, it follows the thread of getting over someone… it deals with the angst & heartbreak.”

Despite this heavy subject matter, ‘Let Go’ is still a completely accessible track with light-hearted melodies, folk-tinged strings and that ever effecting voice that Tom Speight wields with such humble confidence. With this guiding hand, the artist takes us through an enlightening journey of an ill-used heart.

Love & Light is set for release on August 11th this year, via Nettwerk Music.

You can also find ‘Let Go’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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