The mysterious Frank Joshua shares captivating new single ‘Millionaire’

‘Millionaire’ is the new song from the mysterious artist Frank Joshua, who has chosen to conceal their face  with a series of symbolic track artworks. ‘Millionaire’ is no exception with the image of a mannequin whose head is spiraling off into the stratosphere. Perhaps the imagery provides a further key to the meaning of this emotional single, which is about finding love amidst adversity, under the harsh light of disapproval and condemnation. 

As you’ll discover, Frank Joshua creates a sensual and provocative atmosphere through their lyrics and delicate soundscape. The retro drum patterns and smooth orchestration provide the perfect backdrop for the artist’s exploration of the forbidden and the release from constraint.

Impressively, ‘Millionaire’ is the 23rd release from Frank Joshua via Numen Records, since the artist made their debut in December 2020. If that prolific output doesn’t show commitment to their craft, then we don’t know what could! This kind of consistent expression is also incredibly brave and surely with each thought-provoking release, a listener can come closer to understanding this musician’s unique view of the world.

You can also listen to ‘Millionaire’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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