Listen to Shana Sarett’s whimsically nostalgic ‘Cold in LA’

‘Cold in LA’ marks the third single to emerge from California musician Shana Sarett‘s gloriously whimsical and nostalgic indie-pop world. This new one follows ‘Drive Slow’ and ‘Different Ways To Say Goodbye’, completing a hat-trick of songs that blurs the line between cinematic fantasy and emotional reality. This fuzzed boundary is a perfect representation of the theme of imperfect memory, which Sarett portrays as something that fades and distorts over time. Yet, for all their unreliability, we cling to those memories as tokens of our life so much and often use particular ones to dictate our version of events and our own idea of who we are in the present.

Accompanied by fluid indie-pop melodies and sensuous dance beat, Sarett explores her identity through a vignette of melancholic lyrics. In keeping with this concept, the music video for is an atmospheric visual imbued with femininity, subversion, solidarity, uncertainty, drama, and luxury. It’s an avant-garde retelling of ‘Cold in LA’ that’s as emotive and captivating as the track itself.

Recorded with Grammy-nominated engineer Chris McLaughlin, ‘Cold in LA’ has a polished sound that brings out the best in the artist’s plush vocals and the ethereal instrumental backdrop. The end result is one that’s perfect for dancing and singing along. Like Sarett herself says, “Cold in LA is a melancholic nostalgic banger…for the girls and for everyone.”

You can also listen to ‘Cold In LA’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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