Band Spectra and vocalist Angelica Allen unfurl a cosmic romance in ‘Stars seem eternal’

Band Spectra, is the moniker of Robert Manning, a musician and producer from England’s South East who makes his disability work for him in an inspiring music career. He has MS and as such often works remotely, adding his layers of magical production to noteworthy collaborations, including with Metronomy member Olugbenga Adelekan on their last single ‘Walai’. In his continued efforts to raise awareness of disability and diversity within music, Manning has teamed up with another stellar talent for brand new single ‘Stars seem eternal’.

This new release featuring the enchanting vocals of Angelica Allen, whose tone is both individualistic and timeless, perfect for the universal themes of love, hope and connection peppered throughout ‘Stars seem eternal’. Soaked in laters of dreamy synth-pop that could be influence from many eras of music, from the synth-forward 80s to the shoegazey 90s to the lofi 00s. It’s an expansive masterpiece that evokes feelings of escape, regret and fear – which to us sounds like the exact ingredients for the true human experience. While sometimes synths can be overused and verge on the tacky, Manning skillfully deploys vintage Roland and Moog synthesizers to further emphasis that ageless sound. Collectively, the layers of daydream vocals, melodic synths and vibrant beats merges into a heart-warming tapestry that envelops the listener and encourages them to take the reigns of life and ride.

Completing the picture is a quirky touch of visual animation for the music video, in which two soulmate rabbits head off on an adventure à la the 1980s classic The Snowman (there we go showing our age). Really though, where the inspiration for these visuals lies is in the song’s star-struck imagery of someone floating through the cosmos, searching for a place to drop anchor and finally feel grounded.

‘Stars seem eternal’ is an outstanding addition to Band Spectra‘s fascinating sonic world, offering a glimpse of what’s to come on his debut album.

Check out ‘Stars seem eternal’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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