Listen to Tycho Jones’ perfectly balanced track ‘Pink + Blue’


London indie-pop royalty Tycho Jones is back with their second offering for 2023. Never missing a beat on relevance, elegance and charisma, fresh track ‘Pink + Blue’ is the quintessential pick-me-up everybody’s looking for. 

With a soft yet undoubtedly powerful production, ‘Pink + Blue’ holds a familiar quality, almost nostalgic which, we can all agree, is one of the best feelings. It’s complex to uncover the single element which stores the track’s curative powers. Maybe it’s the warm latent vocal effect, or the round beat caressing the solid bass line. Who knows, the addictive guitar pattern might be the winner.

One thing is for certain, this track is for everyone and anyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re an indie lover, or a pop fanatic. Maybe you dabble in classical music, or R&B. This track can touch you and you can enjoy it the way no one else can, for reasons that are strictly personal. No matter who you are, it just hits different. And that’s when you know a track is THE one. 

Tycho Jones already had us at ‘Risk to My Reward’ and ‘Clouds’, but after this latest release, we are here to stay! Their sonic aesthetic is a cool and familiar space, with golden lights shining through the windows, magically reflecting on the plant leaves, but also busier, like the rushing streets and untamed sounds of the city. A perfect balance.

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