Dive into Izira Burley’s dark-pop apocalyptic vision ‘I Only Have The World’

There are few artists that can stand-out in the pop realm as having true originality, yet relative newcomer Izira Burley is a real contender for this classification. She draws her inspiration from a wide array of genres and spans several decades, from Muse to Evanescence to Billie Eilish. It’s clear that the upstate New York creative won’t be constrained to one lane and that willingness to explore many sounds and styles is well reflected in the blended elements you’ll hear in new single ‘I Only Have The World’.

This luxuriously paced single really showcases the persuasive power of Burley‘s complex vocals, which range from husky verses to soulful choruses. It’s a perfect match for the cinematic atmosphere that’s present throughout ‘I Only Have The World’, but it’s far from a straight-forward silver-screen ballad. There’s so many moments of subversive alt-pop twists, like the heavy reverb to emphasise the track’s eerie quality, the searing electric guitar riff to give some extra drama, and the alternative trap beat-work to tie the outro together in climatic glory. This is how you ensure a song goes on a sonic, as well as lyrical, narrative.

Before we leave you to dive into the song itself, here’s Izira Burley to explain the thematic context behind this new single:

“”I Only Have The World” is an ethereal song about the world coming to a disastrous end and there being only one last chance to save it. This song has the haunting vibes of Evanescence with lots of dark pop ear candy, and inspiration from a James Bond movie.”

Whether the world has come to an end or was saved by the close of Izira Burley‘s single is entirely up to you, you’ll have to listen to decide.

You can also find ‘I Only Have The World’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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