With ‘Summer Sunshine’, S. J. Armstrong captures long, childhood summers through his hazy, indie-speckled lens

If there’s one thing that Californians know, it’s the sun. Boasting some of the brightest, warmest weather in the USA, the state’s residents are more than used to summertime conditions while the likes of us in the UK look on from underneath our rain-soaked umbrellas.

Keeping up with the romanticised golden hues of Cali life is the latest single ‘Summer Sunshine’ from S. J. Armstrong who encapsulates the nostalgia of long childhood summers. With double acoustic guitars, shaking tambourine, and winding electric strings give a mellow days without a care in the world. The other side of this story, as is often to case with nostalgic narratives, is the recognition that the past is past, there’s no going back, the only way is forward. Some songwriters might chose to fight against the endlessly turning wheel of time, but Armstrong‘s song conveys a quiet and calm acceptance that everything is destined to change. As he sings, “as it begins…” and then it doesn’t stop.

Speaking about this new single, Armstrong shares: “Songwriting is my true passion, and I enjoy delving into the depths of my emotions during late-night sessions. ‘Summer Sunshine’ is a tribute to my Southern California roots, a love letter to the summers of my youth that now exist solely as cherished memories. Through this song, I aimed to capture the bittersweet realization that the world I grew up in has undergone profound changes.”

The maturity of this Southern California artist’s songwriting is clear throughout ‘Summer Sunshine’, but that doesn’t mean his sound is stale either. In step with the theme of change, Armstrong stepped beyond his trademark sound to take it in a new direction. Those keen-eared listeners might be able to detect some unconventional elements, such as an old autoharp or a re-amped percussion section from a Yamaha organ. This collage of sounds and the detailed production process gives a simultaneous familiar yet far-off aesthetic to the track, much like those hazy memories of childhood.

If you enjoyed ‘Summer Sunshine’, then you’ll be happy to hear that it’s set to feature on S. J. Armstrong‘s upcoming album, so watch this space for more affecting SoCal indie sounds.

You can listen to ‘Summer Sunshine’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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