‘Trip To Mars’ is an uplifting & positive alt-pop anthem from London’s Levina

‘Trip To Mars’ is a delightful alt-pop single for the burn-out generation! Co-written with and produced by Zach Said, this song from London-based singer and songwriter Levina is an uplifting and honest anthem to represent the side of life we don’t often focus on… especially in foot-stomping, hand-clapping pop jams like this one.

Levina is well-known for her collaborations, having previously worked with the likes of Lindy Robbins (Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato), so this one was no exception. Here, she speaks about working with Said on ‘Trip To Mars’:

“Zach and I wrote this song just playing around on the piano, and it all just came together in about 20 minutes. We were chatting about how there’s so much pressure on people in this society, and how sometimes it’s nice to imagine taking a trip to Mars to escape everything and re-energise. We wanted it to have a positive feeling, so that people know it’s alright to feel overwhelmed sometimes. The guitars really added that upbeat and positive vibe throughout the song.”

We’ve all experienced this modern-day phenomena of burn-out, like Levina addresses in peppery sing-speak interlude, “you know that feeling, every little thing loses its meaning, when you just laze all day, and think all night, how you didn’t do that thing, but that’s alright.” As you’ll gather from the song’s lyrics, ‘Trip To Mars’ is packed full of reassurance and solidarity, it’s like hearing messages from a supportive friends played out to a vibrant electro-pop soundtrack. We’ll definitely be keeping this one in our back pocket for when we’re feeling a little low and need to recharge those batteries. It’s ideal for playing loud in the car (cue tapping the steering wheel and singing out of tune!) or putting on while hanging out at home so you can bust out some dance moves. Whatever, you chose to do, you can’t go wrong while listening to Levina‘s ‘Trip To Mars’.

If this is your first time coming across Levina and you’re already eager to hear more, be sure to check out her EP, Thinking in the Dark, which you can jump to here.

Listen to ‘Trip To Mars’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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