Tamino – Cigar

Hold on to your hats and prepared to be blown away by the mighty presence that is Tamino. From Belgian city of Antwerp, this singer-songwriter born by the name Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad has returned from a brief three-month absence following the release of ‘Habibi’ with four brilliant new tracks.

Our favourite is ‘Cigar’, a rich and winding song that takes the listener from peaks of melancholia to desperate passion. More impressive than Tamino’s baritone voice are his metaphorical lyrics. “Death suits you, dear sir, like a beautiful coat, but then without all the fur, I wonder would it fit me? what would you prefer?” – this is just one of many sumptuous verses that this Belgian artist carefully puts across to the listener. Completing ‘Cigar’ to near-perfection is the chorus which crests with anthemic instrumentation in the style of fellow Antwerp band Balthazar, with powerful percussion and heavy horns.

Tamino’s final line – “You, look at me now, that burning cigar hanging out of your mouth and it seems all a lie, they’ve told me so far” – ends this dramatic single with a crisp, introverted profoundness.

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